Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toward a Better Future: Wind Power

Guest blogger: Shawn P. Conroy

Energy prices have been continuing to rise North America. And yet, in some countries like Germany electricity bills have been falling. Countries like China are increasing their wind generating capacity by almost incredible amounts. China has select wind power as part of a suite of power generating options because it's affordable, predictable and not prone to massive failure.  Here's a video talking about the current state of wind power around the world:

What I found most interesting about the video is that generating electricity out of wind power was something seriously considered before we had too much cheap oil. But as oil prices rise wind power becomes even more feasible. If you are interested in common myths about wind power being talked about here are two web pages: One from the Canadian Wind Energy Association and another from Why Wind. Some of these myths were discussed briefly in the video.

The video also pointed out grid storage--the idea storing power you've made at low demand times and using it during high demand times. You can find out more by reading my previous article about Plug-in Electric Vehicles.

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